Released: 7 Nov 2019

Cats may be taking over the world of online slots as well. The Fat Cat Cafe slot is a case in point. It puts cats in charge of a grid-based slot game that is a doughnut and pastry shop, which can pay out a maximum win of 3000x on the bet from a single spin on a low variance and with four reel modifiers and x6 multipliers.

Fat Cat Cafe Slot

Fat Cat Cafe Slot Review

The ancient Egyptians seem to have been fascinated by cats and the feline species definitely rules the internet. Why, is one of the questions that science should one day find an answer to. 

Fat Cat Cafe Introduction

Fat Cat Cafe slots comes with five horizontal and five vertical rows that gives way to cluster wins and also offers the consecutive win style of play. Punters will find a tray full of cakes, muffins, doughnuts and eclairs, which can come together for the winning outcomes, while the cats symbols are reel modifiers that spice up the game.

Considering how this reflects in terms of experience, it is safe to say that the Realtime Gaming slot is a full adventure on the reels that offers a low variance and an unknown value for the theoretical RTP.

Fat Cat Cafe Design Features

The designers behind the game are offering a candy-color theme with all the gentle hues one can find in a pastry shop. So far the game sits well between the design and the gameplay. The falling of the symbols is quite smooth and making wins prompts the animated reaction of the pastries exploding. Ha!  

Otherwise, in terms of the graphics design it is a clear cut production and for that, one that loads on your mobile device in a jiffy. Fat Cat Cafe slothas a musical theme, but one that could have been given a second thought, which should have resulted more in a muzak or lounge sort of tune. Anyway, the low variance and the 3000x wins on the bet make all the off things not count a bit. 

How to Play Fat Cat Cafe Slot

To start your pie-eating contest on the reel set of Fat Cat Cafe you need to choose the bet and press the pink sugar paste spin button. 

The bets can be selected from the bottom left are. The smallest value is around £0.15, translated into pounds. The biggest bet then is £20.00 per spin. 

In both instances the players are offering sensible amounts and a good range where you can find your preferred bet for playing the Fat Cat Cafe slots. 

Pressing Spin once sends the symbols falling once, but you can kick back and relax by selecting the autoplay button, which lets you pick the number of automatic turns, but doesn't give you the option to put stops and limits.

If you want to speed up the reel action you can toggle on the thunder button which is to the left of the Balance field. 

How to Win Fat Cat Cafe Slots

Winning at a slot game is always a random outcome, yet certain specifics may have a thing to say about the pay frequency and the nature of the wins, such as the variance. 

Fat Cat Cafe slot has a low variance which means low and medium wins are more frequent, but that you need to be really lucky to wait for the big win iteration on the random number generator. 

As for the most valuable pastries, we are looking at slice of cake as the champion, with 500x for eight or more of the same in a cluster. 

This symbol is followed by the strawberry doughnut, which pays 300x for the best instance. The tiger star doughnut pays 200x and the pink sprinkle peppered one pays 150x. 

Fat Cat Cafe Bonus Features

The game comes with four special symbols that fall at random and these are all represented by cats of different colors. 

The black cat falling on the reel-set will clear a row. The red cat clears a column. The gray cat clears both a row and a column and the yellow clears a ring of adjacent symbols.

Fact Cat Cafe slot can turn up more than one of these reel modifiers on the same spin. These symbols become sticky when there aren't wins. The longer there are no wins the multiplier will increase.

Fat Cat Cafe Cascading Wins

The cascading wins result in multiplier increase. The more wins you get the bigger the multiplier becomes on the previous win. The fifth and subsequent cascading wins the multipliers reach x6. 

Fat Cat Cafe Free Play

Punters who want to get a look and feel of the game and test it as a demo. The game is available at a number of casinos that offer demo slots to registered players. The benefit of playing a demo is that you can see if you like a slot game before playing it with real money. 

Fat Cat Cafe Closing Thoughts

We have a solid game from a well-known developer in Reeltime Gaming. The style of play isn’t overly common so it is one of a dozen similar such games that are good and that have been released this year. 

Claim a welcome offer and discover Fat Cat Cafe slot at the online casinos on this page.

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