Love and Romance are probably not the first themes that come to your mind when you think about online slot games, but they are definitely one of the most present themes in all types of slots. Even though a lot of the providers are more on the serious side and love to feature monsters, weapons and basically everything that men want, we can still see a ton of online slots that are Love and Romance themed.

Enjoy Pure Romance

The look of the slot game is the very first thing that you see in the Love Slots. From the first glance at any love themed slot machine, you will notice its theme. These slots are usually in pink, red or violet colour and all the game symbols in these slots look like they are made for Valentine’s day. You can see hears, cupids, chocolates, flowers, sparkly jewellery, champagne or some delicious wine, some romantic toys and everything related to it. If you dislike the game from the start, we suggest you switch to something that sails your boats, as you won’t change your minds as you go deeper in the slot. The bonus features are as fantastic as they can get, but all in the love theme. You may be entertained for hours, but only if you like the theme.

Let’s see some of the most popular Love Themed slots you can find on our site.

Most Famous Love  Slots

Some of the most famous slots that can be found on the internet will definitely give you a love injection, and such a slot game is developed by NetEnt, with the name of Doctor Love slot.

Doctor Love Slot

Definitely one of the best examples of a love game that you will find on our site – Doctor Love Slot offers something incredible, and you can see the theme right from the very first moment that you land on the screen.

Doctor Love Slot has five reels and 20 paylines and you can play it with a denomination from £0.01 up to £40.00 where the maximum amount that the game pays out is a coin multiplier of x5,000!

Find the game on our site, check out the casinos on the right-hand side and enjoy the lovely Doctor Love theme.

Immortal Romance Slot

Another classic in the Love them is definitely immortal Romance Slot. This Microgaming game offers an incredible and unbelievable theme with the dark gothic symbols and imagery tingling the spine in all the right places. But like many of the best slots, Immortal Romance has a strong narrative thrust.

You can spin the game with a denomination from £0.30 up to a fantastic £60.00 where you can place those love symbols on the five reels and amazing 243 paylines. For a slot game developed in 2011, Immortal Romance Slot shows amazing character.

Starlight Kiss

The definition of love can be seen in the Starlight Kiss slot where you will find a romance theme developed by Microgaming yet again. This game offers five reels and 30 lines, and you can spin it with denomination from £0.01 up to £150.00.

Find your best looking Love Themed Slot and enjoy it on our casinos with the most awesome welcome bonuses. 


Written by Sanja Tasevska

Game Expert

Sanja uses her knowledge to review all kinds of slot games, both old and new. The detailed reviews include the most important info about a particular slot game. She’s been a part of this industry for many years and so far she’s played and given her opinion on thousands of different slot titles. Contact Sanja

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