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Wizard, magicians, witches, fairies, leprechauns, sorceresses and many other colourful fantastic characters are featured in magic slots. There are plenty of games featured a magic theme, and even though the theme is broad enough, most magic slots have a lot in common, so if you are a fan of magical stuff, wizardry and all that, you will surely enjoy playing magic slots, and we have quite a lot of them featured here on SlotsWise, you just need to pick your games, pick a partner that offers them and play.

Basic Features Of Magic Slots

Magic slots can differ in terms of graphics, they can be produced by different providers, they can feature a different number of paylines and bonus features and the wagering limits may also vary, but the theme is what they have in common. So, if you see an online slot featuring Merlin the Magician, some cheerful leprechauns, then you have a magic slot right there.

You might be a bit surprised when you see how many magic slots are there, but actually, it is quite clear why these slots work well and are favoured by so many players. The magic theme is so suitable for slots, because spells, magic wands, potions and magic books make great symbols, plus it leaves room for a lot of bonus features and exciting mini games.

With so many magic slots it might actually be difficult to pick a game with a magic theme, as there are so many options, but that’s why we’re here. You can be certain that all magic slots featured on SlotsWise are top notch. Plus, we made an even narrower selection of slots. So, start with these few first and if you like them, browse and discover other magic themed slots.

Top Magic Slots

These are the top magic slots that we’d like to recommend.

Mighty Arthur

This Quickspin slot is one of the top magic slots, but that’s hardly surprising consider how popular this theme is. Yes, you guessed it, Mighty Arthur slot is based on the mega popular story of the mighty king Arthur, Merlin the Magician, the Excalibur sword, and all other exciting characters that have been immortalised in numerous films and books.

This game is available at more than few sites featured here. It comes with three rows, five reels, and 20 paylines. The game can be played with as little as 20p, whereas the maximum amount that you can wager on it is £20. The RTP is particularly high at 96.90%.

Mighty Black Knight

This is another game with a pretty high RTP percentage. The return rate of Mighty Black Knight slot is set at 98.00% and this is a pretty impressive figure. In fact, it is difficult to find a game that has such a high return rate.

Mighty Black Knight has few bonus features, including the Mighty Reels bonus and the Free Spins. If you get a minimum of three scatters on the reels you will manage to trigger Free Spins. For three scatters you get eight free spins, but if you’re fortunate enough to hit five symbols you will get to play 20 Free Spins.

Other Magic Slots

We only gave you few, but there are actually several other exciting magic slots, such as Lucky Leprechaun, White Wizard and many more.

Sign up with one of our partners, claim your bonus and play magic slots.

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