Released: 4 May 2020

By all means, the company behind Big Time Gaming are deserving of that name. The purveyors of the Megaways payout system haven’t been at rest all this time after all. With their invention hey caused a revolution in the world of online slots, that to this date, still persists despite a number of challenges (some of which, admittedly, are quite good, such as the Infinity Reels system). 

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Review

This isn’t much ado for nothing, because Big Time Gaming have just released the Star Cluster Megaclusters slot.

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Introduction

You are reading correctly, the game is called Star Clusters and the second part of the title isn’t Megaways, rather, Mega Clusters. So, what is it all about and how will the players react to the novelty? 

This is what we have about the game. Just like Bonanza propelled the megaways engine to stardom, Star Clusters Megaclusters slot is meant to put the spotlight on the new system. The game is about jewels, which is the most sensible choice of a theme that is anodyne to individual prejudice regarding the shape and look of things. The gameplay itself is still a new thing to us and we are summarizing our impressions, but the arrow is definitely ticking up in the red zone, which in this case means good. 

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Design Features

There isn’t much to brag about the graphic design, except it is quite decent to good. It isn’t amazing per se, but neither is any slot in the megaways department. Nevertheless, the symbols are in the same cluster with Opal Fruits and Bonanza but they do have an identity of their own. 

As can be expected, win outcomes are marked by the disappearance of the symbols in a manner that marries metaphysics and conventional logic. The winning symbols are treated to a light show of sorts, which keeps things dynamic and engaged. 

One aspect of the design falls out to sound design, which his where Star Clusters Megaclusters slot scores a major grade. The sci-fi theme that brings out the best of the theme’s rhythm through an array of warped, spaced-out sound effects. 

Play Star Clusters Megaclusters

How to Play Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot

Those with the eagle eye will scope out a semblance to the Star Clusters’ cousin, the Megaways; it just couldn’t be any other way. The controls can be found in the familiar layout. Press spin to start a symbols drop, which is going to deduct the active bet one time per play. 

The reel-set of the Star Clusters Megaclusters slot begins with four horizontal and four vertical rows. This kind of layout doesn’t come with any other cluster payout system, except this one, and that is because it will expand into a more welcoming layout soon enough. Winning outcomes are paid for clusters of five symbols, while the biggest payout is with 25. And to get to that number the layout needs to grow so that these ‘clusters’ can occur either horizontally or vertically.

Use the minus and plus buttons to select the bet that you prefer for the start of your Star Clusters Megaclusters slot adventure. New players should pay attention to the casino’s default bet as it may be more than what you were going to play at the start. At any rate, Big Time Gaming are keeping the same or similar range of bets as in the Megaways slots, with a small bet of 20p per spin and a maximum bet of 20.00.

Megaways vs Megaclusters

Players who have let the Megaways system grow on them will have an easier time understanding the brand-new Megacluster innovation from Big Time Gaming. The Megaways system is just like a 243 ways to win payout mechanism, but on steroids. The difference between the two, and what makes BTG's trademarked model amazing, is that Megaways can add more ways to win based on the game's potential to create a virtually unlimited number of cascading wins.

On the other hand, Megaclusters is a variant of Megaways that takes a winning outcome and makes it branch out. This approach is essentially the same as a cascading win, yet it offers a different perspective on the game dynamic, even though the number of ways to win can not be written down simply beacause it is also virtually infinite. Nevertheless, both Megaways and Megaclusters are highly innovative and fun to play, but time will tell whether the latter will stick as the other payout mechanic.   

How to Win Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot

Like we said, scoring winning outcomes in this new payout system requires five symbols. The biggest payouts come with 25 of a kind and the most valuable system is the purple gem which pays 50x for a ‘full house’.

As per the usual, each win results in the good symbols bursting and disappearing out in thin air, while their position on the grid is filled by a drop of new symbols in the Star Clusters Megaclusters slot grid.

Those symbols that are part of a win, the cluster will branch out into four smaller symbols that can themselves create wins and expand the reel-set. The maximum number of grid squares that can occur on the megaclusters layout warrants a 16x16 grid.

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Bonus Features

What makes the Megaclusters system come to life are the wild symbols – plural because there is a standard wild and a golden one. The golden wild causes the winning outcomes to gain a +1 multiplier. If another golden wild comes on the cascade and is part of the ensuing win, the multiplier gets another boost of +1. 

Also like on the megaways slots that have win multipliers, there is no limit to how high these can go in the megacluster slots. While this is not a bonus feature per se, but part of the base game, Big Time Gaming did include a free spins bonus, which is triggered with five consecutive wins. 

A slightly underwhelming feeling comes with finding out that only two free spins are given, but these needn’t stop there, because a single win in the bonus game adds one free spin to the back order. 

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Free Play

Too many players will be excited to try the new thing from Big Time Gaming, and without any doubt, they will offer the game as a free play demo slot at casinos that do that. 

Star Clusters Megaclusters Slot Closing Thoughts

This is the good old cluster wins mechanic, but much-improved thanks to the megaclusters feature. The bottom line is, it is indeed fun to play and has the potential to produce huge outcomes, which requires multiple avalanches formed by high-paying clusters. 

The volatility isn’t the highest, which leaves enough room for medium wins, that can still get big enough to be worth bragging about. The maximum payout is more than 20,000x multiplied by the winning bet.

Discover the Star Clusters Megacluster slots by claiming a welcome offer right from this page and play at top-rated online casinos.

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