Released: 21 Jan 2020

Monster Pop Slot

Monster Pop Slot Review

Discover what the plasma gun can do to the winning outcomes on the Monster Pop slot. Play for a chance to win with an RTP of 96.90%.

Monster Pop Introduction

Shoot some plasma into fluffy animals on a grid-based slot game produced by Dream Tech. The aptly titled Monster Pop slot offers an engaging gameplay on a grid of seven horizontal and seven vertical rows that can deliver payouts for three or more symbols of a same kind. 

What makes Monster Pop stand apart is the possibility of symbol wins occurring on consecutive reels, which do not have to start at the leftmost reel. If the symbols are on a different row but still connect in threes by sharing the same symbol on a vertical row, the game will again, make a payout. 

This kind of a gameplay rewards lucky players with a free spins bonus. Although the number of positive iterations needed for the bonus to trigger is high (six wins) it still offers the possibility of making that gain. 

Monster Pop Design Features

Design-wise the game is as bizarre as it could ever get. Not because there is anything extraordinarily strange going on on the screen, but because the theme and the title are somehow amiss. 

The grid displays animals that we can recognize while to the right of it is some sort of hominid that has a futuristic weapon attached to its arm. 

So, where are or what are the monsters in Monster Pop slots?
But that's all good for laughs. The game has a specific dynamic to it and offers animated bits and special effects which rattle the reel-set when there are winning outcomes happening on the grid. 

A lot of the grid-based slots are more consistent with the graphics and the idea, but where's the fun in that?

How to Play Monster Pop Slot

The gameplay can begin as soon as you select the coin value which in turn influences the amount of the total bet. This can be done in the bottom left corner of the screen by pressing the minus and plus buttons to scroll through the values. 

We can't say that it's a surprise, but it is definitely a strange thing that the smallest bet in this game is a full £0.50 per turn. This bet comes as a result of the smallest coin size of one penny which is extrapolated to a BET of 50. 

If we can attach appearances to expectations, it would have been expected that the smallest bet on Monster Pop slot starts at £0.25 or below.

If you've picked your bet and you are fine with the sum, you can go ahead and press the spin button in the bottom right corner of the screen. This is going to send the reels spinning once. The autoplay button is available to the left of that button. Press it to select from the number presets that will send the game into automatic spins mode. 

The last button in the bottom of the screen says Rules, and this is where you can find out how the winning outcomes are made and values that are attached to the symbols. 

How to Win Monster Pop Slots

Winning outcomes are made with three symbols which can line up anywhere on the reel-set and the prizes are generated according to the multiplier attached to each symbol multiplied by the symbol odds on the reels.

When there are five or six symbols of the same kind on Monster Pop slot the game will eliminate the entire column or the entire row where a part of that winning outcome has occurred. 

According to value, the bear is the most valuable, paying 7x, the monkey pays 6x, the cat 5x and so on, to the cow and rabbit which pay one with the number of iterations on the reels. 

Monster Pop Bonus Features

One of the extra features in the game comes when there are seven symbols of the same kind forming a winning outcome. These are taken out directly, meaning, each one on the reel set is deducted from the grid.

If Monster Pop causes six consecutive wins resulting from the same spin, the game will grant eight free spins that can retrigger if there are six wins in the row during the bonus. 

Monster Pop Free Play

There is the possibility to engage in the game with free credits at online casinos that host free play demo slots. Some such casinos have been reviewed on SlotsWise and it is possible to claim a welcome offer and play. 

Monster Pop Closing Thoughts

The players aren’t going to have a hard time deciding whether to skip this game. But just in case, if you have a gut feeling that there may be something more beyond the silly graphics design, give it a try.

Claim a welcome offer from this page and discover Monster Pop slots at top rated online casinos. 

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