Released: 24 Nov 2022

Hot Shots: Mines is the latest release by iSoftBet, and it combines the classic playstyle of Minesweeper with the present World Cup fever. If you’re looking for a game with unique features in which you can win up to 282x the stake, check out my review on Hot Shots: Mines.

Hot Shots: Mines Slot

Hot Shots: Mines Slot Review

The World Cup is upon us, and that means memories from previous tournaments and moments that we will always remember. And maybe this trip down memory lane will also evoke memories of the legendary Minesweeper game. If this is the case, and you would like to win up to 282x your stake, then let me tell you how both of these themes combine to give you that chance.

Table of Contents 

  1. About Hot Shots: Mines
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Our Verdict

About Hot Shots: Mines Slot

Hot Shots: Mines slot plays on a 5x5  grid, but that’s where all similarities with familiar slots end. That is because the Hot Shots: Mines slot is inspired by Minesweeper, and in order to win, you must select the number of red cards to be on the grid and do your best to avoid them. You can cash out at any point after a successful reveal.

The minimum bet amount is £1.00, while the maximum you can bet is £300.

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

The Hot Shots: Mines slot takes place on a football pitch surrounded by trees. The colours are warm and welcoming, while the grid itself occupies the foreground with its brown tiles. The music is somewhat triumphant and like something that you may hear at a football match. The more you win, the louder it gets. I found the setting surprisingly calming, although the music wasn’t much to my liking.

There is only one symbol of note, and that is the red card. These cards are hidden on the grid, and you should try your best to not pick them out.

Hot Shots: Mines Slot

RTP, Variance and Payouts for Hot Shots: Mines Slot

The Hot Shots: Mines RTP is set at 94.0%, which is lower than the industry average of 96.0%. The volatility is adjustable and depends on the number of red cards you choose to appear on the grid. Lastly, the maximum payout can reach up to 282x the stake. 

You can learn more about these terms in our Variance, Volatility and RTP Guide here!

Gameplay and Features on Hot Shots: Mines Slot

The gameplay of the Hot Shots: Mines slot is based on the classical Minesweeper mechanics. You choose the amount of Red Cards that will appear on the grid and try to avoid uncovering them. 

Instead, you will focus on uncovering the tiles, and each uncovered tile multiplies your potential winnings. The number of Red Cards you can choose to appear on the grid can range from 1 to 15. 

Hot Shots: Mines Slot Gameplay

Other Games by iSoftBet

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Our Verdict

All in all, Hot Shots: Mines slot is a unique game that I recommend you try. It is a game you might find yourself playing if you want to try something different. Even though the maximum win can reach only up to 282x the stake, the variety in bets that you can place might make up for it. 

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