Released: 30 Nov 2023

Step into space with Play'n GO's Gargantoonz slot, the latest in this exciting series. While the game's structure has evolved, the quest for the massive Garga remains. Explore various modifiers, teaming up with the three-eyed Gargantoonz to win large - up to 7,000x your stake.

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Gargantoonz Slot

Gargantoonz Slot Review

The Reactoonz series of slots is one of the most iconic in the online slots world. It was revolutionary when it appeared on the market, as it was the first without a standard playing grid and paylines. Reactoonz 2, Dr Toonz, and Gigantoonz were also highly popular, and now we have the latest exciting instalment in the series.

Dr Toonz is here to help you in the Gargantoonz slot, designing helpful features to help your hunt for Garga. These include Wild Symbols, Fluctuation, Discharge, Experiment Charger, and Gargantoonz.

Table of Contents 

  1. About Gargantoonz Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Gargantoonz Casino
  6. Gargantoonz Mobile
  7. Gargantoonz Demo Play
  8. Our Verdict

About Gargantoonz Slot 

Play'n Go's Gargantoonz slot offers an exciting 7x7 playing grid where you create winning clusters by connecting five or more matching symbols. The larger the group, the greater your potential return on each spin.

You can wager between 0.10p and £100 per spin in the game, and there are no ante bets or bonus buys in this game. The game offers a maximum win of 7,000x your stake, higher than the previous game instalment in the series.

How to Play Gargantoonz Slot 

Playing the game is straightforward. Here are a few basic things to follow:

  • Begin by setting your bet amount between 0.10p and £100 per spin.
  • Initiate Gargantoonz gameplay by pressing the "Spin" button.
  • Form winning clusters by matching five or more adjacent symbols.
  • More significant clusters yield more substantial payouts.
  • Engage in the exciting gameplay with the chance to win up to 7,000x your stake.

Gargantoonz Slot

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

Gargantoonz doesn't look drastically different from its predecessor but is still visually appealing. Its setting is in space, like other games in the series, except for the Dr Toonz slot. 

The game characters may seem sharper and the stars a touch brighter, but it's not a big deal. The game provides fun gameplay, and Gargantoonz delivers on that front. Plus, there is a catchy classic synth music.

Regarding symbols in Gargantoonz, the one-eyed creatures represent the lower-paying symbols, where landing five of a kind pays between 0.1x and 0.2x your bet. On the other hand, the higher-paying characters are the two-eyed creatures, with a combination of five rewarding you between 0.5x and 1x your bet.

The unique twist is that symbol payouts increase significantly as more symbols cluster together. Additionally, the game features special orbs that serve as wilds, replacing other paying symbols to help you form winning combinations.

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for Gargantoonz Slot

The Gargantoonz slot boasts a default RTP of 96.20% but also offers variations with four lower RTP values. Additionally, Gargantoonz delivers a mid-high volatility gaming experience with the potential for a top payout of up to 7,000x your bet.

Check our list with the Highest RTP Slots to find games with top RTP percentages in the industry. 

Gameplay and Features on Gargantoonz Slot

Gargantoonz offers various exciting features, including Fluctuation, Discharge, Experiment Charger, Gamma Ray Bursts, Black Hole, Supernova, Gargantoon Charger, and Gargantoonz, helping you land more winning combos.


Each round randomly selects one-eyed symbol types to fluctuate. If fluctuating symbols result in a win, they generate 1 to 2 Quantum Wilds in places where symbols got removed.


The game can randomly add 4 to 8 Quantum Wilds to the grid on rounds without wins.

Experiment Charger

When no experiments are in progress, winning clusters charge the Experiment Charger. It takes 20 symbols to charge it fully. Once charged, a random experiment begins after cascades conclude. If an experiment succeeds, another follows until all three are complete. 

If not, the experiment cycle is over. At the beginning of each experiment, unique wilds get introduced to the grid, and all existing wilds transform into the same wild. During experiments, only wilds contribute to the Experiment Charger based on their symbol values. 

A total of 40 symbols charge the Experiment Charger in this state, and an additional 40 symbols overcharge it, boosting the Gargantoonz multiplier by +1.


Experiments in Gargantoonz offer exciting possibilities:

  • Gamma Ray Burst. Adds 7 to 9 wilds to the grid. Winning wilds tally symbol clusters, then leave to charge the charger before the cascade. Removed symbols count once. If three or more wilds cluster together, they trigger their effect immediately and charge the charger.
  • Black Hole. It introduces 4 to 6 wilds to the grid. Winning wilds count symbol clusters and stay until wins occur. At the end of cascades, wilds gather adjacent symbols, charge the experiment charger, and count removed symbols once. If three or more wilds cluster, they trigger their effect immediately, charge the charger, and leave the grid.
  • Supernova. Adds 3 to 5 wilds to the grid. Winning wilds tally clusters, stay on wins, and shift diagonally after each cascade. Once cascades conclude, wilds move eight steps in any direction, collect symbols in their path, and leave to charge the charger. When three or more wilds cluster, they instantly trigger their effect, charge the charger, and exit the grid.

Gargantoonz Free Spins


Successful experiments power up the Gargantoon charger, enhancing the Gargantoon's abilities. It starts with a x1 multiplier, with each overcharged experiment adding +1. Multipliers can reach x1, x2, x3, or x4. 

When all three experiments succeed, the Gargantoonz feature activates in three steps. Eight 1x1 Gargantoon Wilds emerge, merging if part of a win. They combine into 2x2 Gargantoon Wilds and then into a 3x3 Gargantoon Wild before the following cascade, each with the relevant multiplier. However, only a single multiplier applies to a win if multiple Gargantoon Wilds are in a cluster.

Gargantoonz Casino 

When searching for online casinos that host the Gargantoonz mobile slot, focus on finding a licensed, trustworthy platform with a good selection of games and user-friendly interfaces. 

A strong emphasis on security ensures that your personal and financial information remains safe. That will allow you to immerse yourself in the gaming experience without unnecessary concerns. Opting for a secure online casino offers a smooth, enjoyable, and worry-free gaming experience.

Here are just some of my favourite recommendations:

Gargantoonz Mobile

The Gargantoonz mobile slot offers enjoyment on various mobile devices, spanning smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Its 7x7 grid adapts beautifully to smaller screens, and the high-definition graphics, coupled with responsive gameplay, ensure a delightful mobile gaming experience.

Gargantoonz Demo Play & Gargantoonz Free Play

You can explore the game through its demo version, a risk-free opportunity to learn its ins and outs without wagering real money. Furthermore, some online casinos offer free play options, allowing you to claim no deposit or free spins bonuses. That lets you win real money without an initial deposit, making it a low-risk way to enjoy the game and boost your earnings.

Other Play'n GO Slots

Play'n GO is one of the top-tier casino game developers recognized for its exceptional slots. Their games blend exciting features with impressive visuals, and we have many reviews on their slots. Check titles like Raging Rex 3, Return of the Green Knight, and Luchamigos.

Our Verdict 

Expectations always run high in the world of slot sequels. Reactoonz, Reactoonz 2, and Gigantoonz were all unique in their ways, but the real excitement has always been when the big Garga appears on the grid.

With Gargantoonz, Play'n GO keeps that excitement alive, and I am happy to report it does so even better than before. Some features were a letdown in previous games, but in Gargantoonz, the Experiment Charger feature is a winner. It consistently brings out a bunch of wilds, creating fabulous clusters and building up excitement every time it kicks in.

While this doesn't necessarily make it easier to summon Garga, the journey is full of fun surprises. Overall, Gargantoonz is the most well-rounded game in the series, even though it may not quite match the mega-hype of the original. 

Discover the Gargantoonz slot by claiming a welcome offer from this page and playing at top-rated online casinos.

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