Released: 24 Aug 2018

Mayan Gods Slot

Mayan Gods Slot Review

Play to explore the connection between the aliens, the Mayan Gods slot and the potential winnings on this Red Tiger game. It is possible that you may stumble upon the top payout of 6000 coins and land the bonus features which include the Mayan Gods random multipliers and wilds. 

Mayan Gods Slot Overview

There is more than just one reason why some of the ancient civilizations are related to intergalactic influences. It is quite bizarre that the civilizations of Mesoamerica, Egypt and the Middle East are all the subject of such inquiry, by both serious historians, as well as dabblers who are fascinated by the appearance of certain artifacts. It was either that or the fascinating Ancient Aliens series that have influenced the creation of Mayan Gods slot

To us it is perfectly plausible how the slots developers at Red Tiger Gaming watched Giorgio Tsoukalos explaining away artifacts discovered in Chichen Itza, that have had something to do with the Mayan Gods who may have been of alien origin. At any rate, whatever the case may be, we have here a slot game that plays across five reels, three rows and has the potential of delivering a top payout prize of 6000 coins. 

What is more, the theme is dominated by references to spaceships and elements of this are found in the symbols and the overall gameplay, which is dynamic and fun-loving. 

How To Play Mayan Gods Slot 

Setting up for the gameplay is the easiest thing done on games made by Red Tiger. All that needs be done here is for you to locate the Total Stake field in the bottom left corner, and select an amount for the total wager per spin. The wagers range between the very comfortable amounts of £0.20, £0.40 including £1.00, to the higher end of the spectrum with a total bet of £10.00. 

Pertaining to the gameplay are few other options. You can select the Autoplay, in order to have the game spin on its own, and this is done by pressing the Auto button, which is next to the Total Stake. On the right hand side and in the bottom corner are the Pays button, which pulls up the paytable, and the Turbo button which speeds up the movement of the reels, for a more speedy experience. There is then the ample Spin button, in the very bottom right corner. 

Mayan Gods Slot Design

Behind the reel-set is a background of many golden gates with reliefs of Mayan deities and jungle animals. We wonder who or what passes through these gates? Are these channels for the cosmic luck to pass through? We could only guess, but there they are behind the reel set sporting a collapsing symbols type of play, which basically makes more room for new symbols that replace those that have just disappeared on account of being part of a winning outcome. 

The game's symbols of lower value are basically the earth's elements in the shape of earth, fire, lightning and water. The other order of symbols are the game's alien artifacts, which are too bizarre to be described. However, we do notice a bird embossed with gems, a sunburst of golden rays that emanate from a ruby gem, a sphere that sends out icicles - a stylized depiction of the earth sending radio (psychic?) signals to outer space?

As you can see, the entire Mayan Gods slot is a trip and that's what the players have been enjoying since it was released. But it isn't just the unique look and feel of the game. There are also the huge symbols that cover four squares on the grid, and the portals that open up into outer space, which generate bigger and better winnings - that's what makes Mayan Gods slots a top level gaming experience. 

How To Win Mayan Gods 

Winning the game is a matter of luck, as all winning outcomes in the slots are made at random, thanks to the random numbers generator. However, there are the winning outcomes that can chance upon your turn on the game, and deploy a stupendous surprise. 

Helping with these outcomes are the Mayan Gods slots bonus features. One is the Chain Reaction, which slaps a x3 multiplier when three or more subsequent winnings occur. The Mayan King expands the surface of its symbol to cover four squares, and turns into a huge wild symbol which may or may not invite additional wilds on the grid. 

The Mayan Eclipse feature strikes at random, dims the sky and opens up portals in the outer realm, to a great effect for the potential winnings. Last but not least, the Mayan UFO descends to the lower skies and sends a beam that substitutes low paying symbols with those that pay more. 

There is more, a lot more in the Mayan Gods slot. You can start your adventure and increase the chances of experiencing an alien abduction (joking here!) when you claim your welcome bonus from one of the casinos on this very page. 

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