Released: 25 Jan 2021

Slingo Originals are back with yet another blend of the best traits in bingo and slots games called Slingo Reel King. The collaboration between Slingo Originals and Inspired Gaming yields excellent results on the market, offering a new concept of entertainment from both bingo and slots mechanics. Let’s see what Slingo Reel Kings provides to the table in our in-depth review below.


Slingo Reel King  Slot

Slingo Reel King Slot Review

Last Updated: 31/03/2021

The well-known Reel King title by Inspired Gaming received a Slingo boost and resulted in a new game called Slingo Reel King. This hybrid concept is a mix of bingo and slot mechanics, offering a new way to enjoy classic slot titles. After the big success of Slingo Centurion, market experts are pretty sure that these types of brand collaborations will be prevalent, while Slingo’s will be high on demand. Let us take you through the template and design of the Slingo Reel King slot game.

About Slingo Reel King Slot 

The Slingo Reel King slot resulted from a team collaboration of Inspired Gaming and Slingo Originals. Following their previous releases that were a big hit, we’re sure that we’ll review more of these Slingo spin-offs. As we’ve mentioned, this is a homage to the classic Reel King slot, or precisely, the bonus game where it offers a new way to experience the fun and thrill.
The action occurs on a 5x5 grid and is a mix of 75-ball bingo and classic slot reels. The bet level is relatively standard, offering you a chance to place wagers from £0.20 to £25 per round. You’ll have 11 spins to match the static bingo numbers on the reels with the dynamic ones, displayed in the white row below. To form a winning combination, you’ll have to march at least one line, as it goes by the bingo rules. If you’re lucky to match all numbers on the reels, you’ll get the full house win at a prize of 500x your bet.

Even though this is a mix of bingo and slots action, you can benefit from several standard features found in many slots games, such as the wilds and free spins. In Slingo Reel King, you have wilds that allow you to tick any number in the respective row. But wait, there’s more. Super Wilds offer you a chance to tick any number on the grid, regardless of its position. The Free Spins work the same way, giving you an additional spin to your total.

Design, Symbols and Graphics 

As soon as you start the Slingo Reel King slot game, you’ll notice the royal-blue background that has a classic, velvety look to it. Instead of the standard circle arrow, you have a “SPIN” button from your right that spins the lottery ball machine. Once you hit it, there’s no need to keep clicking on it on every spin since the numbers are refreshed automatically. Each ball reveals a set of five numbers displayed on the golden-framed white line below the reels. From the left side, you have a visual display of the lines and how they pay. The music in the background is joyful and perfectly adds to the classic atmosphere.

RTP, Variance and Payouts for Slingo Reel King Slot 

Talking about statistics, the Slingo Reel King’s math model is similar to other Slingo Original releases. It is capped at 95%, which is below the average industry model. However, considering that this slot game has a low to medium variance, the ratio is balanced quite nicely. If you manage to fill all 12 lines, you’ll win a full house worth at 500x your bet. In our detailed Variance, Volatility and RTP guide, you can read more about different slot games and their math models.

Gameplay and Features on Slingo Reel King Slot 


Since The Slingo Reel King slot relies on a specific bonus feature, there’s not much action involved when it comes to bonus features. However, it has kept the Reel King slot’s authentic elements, such as the highlighted reel feature. Namely, each reel can produce a “ding” sound on random spins and become highlighted, moving you onto the bonus bar above the grid. Let’s see how this feature works here: 

Reel King Bonus

This feature is triggered once you highlight or lit five or more segments on the bonus bar. This bar might “freeze”, giving you a shot to advance in your lucky numbers. These lit segments will win you suitable King Bonuses, so let’s see what they’re all about:

  • Reel King Bonus – 5 lit segments, wins you up to 3 Reel King characters
  • Great King Bonus – 6 lit segments, wins you up to 4 Reel King characters
  • Super King Bonus – 7 lit segments, wins you up to 5 Reel King characters
  • Mega King Bonus – 8 lit segments, wins you up to 6 Reel King characters
  • Ultra King Bonus – 9 lit segments, wins you up to 9 Reel King characters 

Every Reel King character will spin their own 3x1 setup and keep landing you wins until you land a losing spin.

Slingo Reel King Slot on Mobile 

If you like to play online slots on the go, you’ll be glad to know that the Slingo Reel King slot is mobile-friendly and can be played on any mobile device. This Slingo title will adjust to any small screen on any operating system. You’ll receive the same cutting-edge design, simple interface and smooth experience before every spin.

Other Slingo Originals Slots 

These versions of online slots are pretty new on the market, even though they’ve been discussed for years. Collaborations between famous slot game providers and innovative studios resulted in a Slingo, a type of slot game that will satisfy both bingo and slot audiences. Slingo Originals have paid tribute to the famous interactive quiz Who Wants To Be a Millionaire with a Slingo version of it, simply called Slingo Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. We’re sure you’ll love the classic design and the chance to win up to £100,000 for a full house. Are you interested in baking? Even if you’re not, you’ll find the Baking Bonanza slot quite amusing, as the visuals will definitely win you over. In the end, check out Slingo Riches, a classic take on the traditional game of bingo that features quality graphics and a clean-cut design.

SlotsWise Verdict 

We enjoyed the Slingo Reel King slot testing process, offering us a different kind of slot gameplay. The low to medium volatility is perfect for those who like to keep things simple and straightforward while getting the best out of bingo and slot games. In general, we like these online game blends, and we further expect that Slingo titles will only rise in popularity.

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