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There are many great companies that live in the shadow of the giants of the industry, and in this article, we will present one of them. Meet Ainsworth, the awesome gaming supplier that works closely with several large and the same number of small casinos who constantly get fed with their inventions, games, products and software.

Ainsworth was established in the South of England at the end of 1965, which means they have a ton of experience and since they managed to survive for this long, they have a plan. The guys have worked hard and managed to expand their small company across the region to become the leading independent suppliers of insulation to the energy, marine, heavy industry, maintenance, H&V and construction sectors.

The company is still a family one, and there is a major importance put on the customer value which often leads to an unrivalled service, excellent attention to details and more direct approach to the problems.

Ainsworth sources the best products from industry-leading manufacturers, making sure there are always high materials which are offered on the best prizes. That’s their little secret and something they have worked on since the very first day they are opened. Drawing on Ainsworth's 50 years of experience, our sales team provide expert technical advice on all our products and services.

The company is located in six different offices spread across the island, and they are in South East, South West, Wales, Midlands and the North. They are also proud members of the Independent Insulation Distributors Association (IIDA) which offers coverage throughout the UK (including Northern Ireland) and in the South of Ireland.


There aren’t that many online slot games coming from this provider, but that is when you compare them to the top providers in the industry. If you see that they are one of the smallest ones on the internet currently, then the number of around 80 slots is a big one. Their games lack the design and graphics that the top providers have, and that is expected. All of their slot games are following the same pattern and they are influenced mostly by the animal kingdom, including Safari Spirit, Panda King and Run with the Wolves Quad Shot.

Their slots are great for those who like the classic style, simple design without unnecessary clutter.

For the owners of Game Halls, Ainsworth is one of the most popular suppliers around. There are few advantages where you can play whenever you want, with your desired method.

Mobile Games

We all know how the mobile industry is one of the fastest rising ones in the current generation, and we can see that constantly in action.

Many of the slot lovers prefer the mobile device rather than the tablets, laptops or personal computers because of the availability and mobility of the same, therefore, you can find all of the Ainsworth games ready to be played on mobile. 

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