Released: 25 Feb 2020

The slots experts at Pragmatic Play have created one of the slots that will mark 2020. A medium to high variance game with 7776 ways to win and a potential of 19,000x on the winning bet. Amazing stats plus bets that start at 0.30 per spin and a reel layout that starts as a diamond but expands to a 6x5, triggering colossal and mystery symbols in the process. 

Aztec Bonanza Slot

Aztec Bonanza Slot Review

Aztec Bonanza slot has a maximum theoretical payout of 19,000x on the winning bet and 7776 ways to win that expands the playing grid by breaking the blocks which are adjacent to the most concurrent winning combination. 

Aztec Bonanza Introduction

Pragmatic Play are slots experts with a reputation of making exceptional slots. The game at hand revisits the Aztec/Maya theme to deliver a thrilling reel adventure on a reel-set with shifting horizontal and vertical rows. 

To give an emphasis to the gameplay, the slot at hand offers a tumbling/cascading wins payout mechanism which plays along a medium to high volatility regarding the big win potential. 

Alongside the already fun-loving gameplay, Aztec Bonanza has a totem pole whose masks become illuminated with each consecutive win. When its entirety has become lit, the game starts the free spins rounds, which is one of the extra features. 

Aztec Bonanza Design Features

Visually the game is quite stimulating, offering an experience on the reels that takes you to a mythical land of stepped pyramids. 

The slots experts at Pragmatic Play have created a set of vibrant symbols that depict celestial bodies and the card suits. Each symbol represents a gem that glows on the background of a similar color and vibrancy.

Aztec Bonanza slots creates a flurry of motion, especially when the game enters a sequence of subsequent/cascading wins. As the blocks crackle, burst and become engulfed in a fiery light, the display becomes alive and decorated by the sums that show the prizes that have been won. 

How to Play Aztec Bonanza Slot

Start the cascading events with the push of the spin button, which in the online slots by this developer is represented by two circular arrows that are tipped by a crown. 

On both sides of this button are the minus and plus buttons which can be utilized to bring up the settings panel for the bet. Once the panel is shown on the screen you can choose from the values that will work in concert with the always-active bet multiplier of 30x. 

So if you choose a coin value of one penny on the first bet level, the total bet is going to show £0.30 per spin. Raise the BET and you have that value become a multiplier, so to the second level the total bet is going to be £0.60 and to the third level £0.90 and so on.

The maximum bet on the Aztec Bonanza slot is £150.00 per spin, however there are many small and medium amounts between the minimum bet and that. 

If you wish to engage the game without lifting a finger (almost) then you can utilize the Autoplay option. Press that button in the bottom right corner to open up the menu where you can choose the number of automatic spins and add a number of conditionals stops and gameplay options. 

How to Win Aztec Bonanza Slots

When it comes to the payouts, the cascading wins mechanism delivers winning outcomes on consecutive reels with three or more matching symbols. These outcomes must start on the leftmost reel.

Aztec Bonanza slot has five geometric shapes for its high-paying symbols and three of the card suits - spade, heart and club. The most valuable symbol is the circle gem, paying 0.75x on the winning bet. 

The blue gem and the crescent moon pay back the bet and the square and triangle pay less than the bet, at 0.5x. All of these outcomes are for wins with five or more symbols.

Why such low payouts, you may be asking? The answer is, it's because the cascading wins mechanism. This makes consecutive wins possible, so you can win more than once from a single bet. This balances out the cost of the bets versus the potential payouts. 

Aztec Bonanza Bonus Features

Another reason for the above, besides the cascading wins mechanism, are the reel modifiers. There are few random events that can increase the chances for a bigger win. The game has a mystery symbol which can substitute for multiple symbols on the same spin. This symbol appears in the top left corner, in the area that becomes unlocked following one or few consecutive wins. Also this symbol appears at random in the free spins bonus. 

Aztec Bonanza Free Spins

The cascading/tumble wins creates colossal symbols when the bottom left corner is broken up. The same happens when the bottom right corner is expanded. Once all four corners of the initial diamond-shaped layout are cleared, the Aztec Bonanza slots enters the free spins game, starting with five. The bonus plays on the full 7776 ways to win and a grid of five rows and six reels.

Aztec Bonanza Free Play

It’s safe to conclude that Pragmatic Play have released all of their slots as a free play demo. This allows players to try a certain game for free at an online casino that hosts demo, before deciding whether to play it with real money.

Aztec Bonanza Closing Thoughts

The tumbling wins way of playing is always exciting and the bonus in this game is that there are modifiers that get unlocked when the reel expands in each of the four corners. That and the medium-high volatility creates potential for some big wins. 

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