Released: 20 Sep 2023

Money Train 4, the ultimate instalment in Relax Gaming’s incredible Money Train series, is a masterpiece crafted with precision, offering an astonishing 150,000x bet payout for an unmatched gaming experience.

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Money Train 4 Slot

Money Train 4 Slot Review

Relax Gaming’s Money Train 4, concluding their beloved series, boasts an incredible 150,000x bet win potential, which you are unlikely to find in similar slots. Starting at 20,000x with the Money Train slot and growing through Money Train 2 (50,000x) and Money Train 3 (100,000x), this latest instalment tops them all.

In this adrenaline-pumping gaming adventure, you’ll find incredible features to boost your chances of scoring significant wins. These include the Respin Feature, Money Cart Bonus Round, and more!

Table of Contents 

  1. About Money Train 4 Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Our Verdict

About Money Train 4 Slot 

All aboard the high-tech train! The Money Train 4 from Relax Gaming will grab your attention with its high payouts and unique features. All their versions keep improving, so the final chapter is incredible. The game’s fourth and latest edition maintains its charm and elevates your gaming experience. 

The base game operates on a 6x6 playing grid and wins pay through a scatter pays system: eight identical high-pay symbols or ten identical low-pay symbols anywhere on the reels. 

You can bet between 0.10p and £6 per spin, and the potential to win up to 150,000x your stake awaits!

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

The Money Train 4 slot seamlessly combines steampunk and Western elements. The once-classic steam locomotive now boasts a futuristic design, which many players will love. 

You’ll witness an ongoing battle in the game between robots and humans, with an impaled robot on the right side of the reels. The game’s detailed design and immersive soundtrack set the perfect ambience for your play.

Money Train 4 Slot

There are several symbols in the game that vary in value. The lower ones (diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades) require 10+ matches for a 0.4x to 0.5x win or 36 identical for 100x to 125x payouts. Medium symbols (blue woman, green man) require 10+ for 1x to 1.2x or 36 symbols for 250x to 400x payouts. 

High symbols (orange Indian, red Sheriff) pay 1x to 1.2x with 8+ matches or 36 for 500x to 1000x payouts. There’s a BONUS scatter symbol, and the bonus game offers a plethora of special symbols.

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for Money Train 4 Slot

Money Train 4 has a good RTP value of 96.10% and provides dynamic gameplay thanks to its high-volatility model. Plus, as I already mentioned, the highest win in the game can reach up to an astonishing 150,000x the stake.

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Gameplay and Features on Money Train 4 Slot

Money Train 4 packs a punch with the famous Money Cart Bonus Round, adding weight to the slot. It also boasts a base game Respins Feature and a handy bonus buy option.

Respins Feature

Any spin can trigger this feature. The most dominant symbol sticks on the reels, granting a Respin with blanks, multipliers, or more of that symbol. Multipliers accumulate for the final win, but the feature stops when no new symbols appear.

Money Cart Bonus Round

You’ll trigger this feature with 3+ scatters in the base game on a 6x4 starting playing grid. Persistent symbols can replace scatters for activation, revealing a bet multiplier. You get three Respins, resetting on new symbols. 

If a Persistent symbol triggers the round, it does so before the first spin. Filling a row opens an extra row for symbol actions, with up to four additional rows possible. Money Train 4 packs numerous special feature symbols, and here they are one by one: 

  • Bonus Symbols reveal a value of 1x to 10x the stake.
  • Collectorcollects all values on the screen, adding them to its own value.
  • Persistent Collector accumulates visible values at the end of each spin.
  • Adjacent Collector gathers adjacent values and adds them to its own.
  • Persistent Adjacent Collector collects adjacent values on each spin.
  • Payer reveals a value, adding it to all other symbols on the screen.
  • Persistent Payer affects all visible symbols on each spin.
  • Adjacent Payeradds its value to adjacent symbols.
  • Persistent Adjacent Payer influences adjacent symbols on every spin.
  • Sniper doubles values of 3 to 8 other Bonus symbols.
  • Persistent Sniper doubles Bonus symbols on every spin.
  • Collector Payer picks 3 to 5 characters, adds their values, and pays them.
  • Persistent Collector Payer repeats this process on each spin.
  • Arms Dealer converts 1 to 4 Bonus symbols into feature symbols.
  • Persistent Arms Dealer converts one Bonus symbol into a feature symbol.
  • Necromancer revives 2 to 7 used non-persistent feature symbols.
  • Persistent Necromancer revives 1 to 7 used non-persistent feature symbols.
  • Persistent Shapeshifter changes into various features.
  • Unlocker opens locked rows.
  • Reset Plus adds +1 to the spin count.
  • Upgrader elevates 1 to 3 feature symbols to Persistent versions.

Money Train 4 Free Spins

Bonus Buy 

The bonus buy feature is available to players outside the UK and grants an entry to the bonus round with two options: pay 100x the bet to activate it or pay 500x the bet for access with 1 Persistent Symbol.

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Our Verdict 

The Money Train series, evolving from its Western roots to today’s pinnacle, reflects Relax Gaming’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Money Train 4’s gameplay will dazzle you with a visually rich environment, connecting tradition with futuristic aesthetics and immersive music.

The bonus game remains a highlight, now enhanced with scatter pays and random respins featuring multipliers in the base game. Introducing new symbols like the upgrader and arms dealer adds depth and unpredictability to the gameplay.

Stats-wise, Money Train 4 excels with a good RTP and the potential for a massive 150,000x max win. However, its high volatility caters more to players who prefer higher stakes. Landing a Persistent symbol is vital to substantial wins, though base game rewards are still noteworthy.

The game’s charm lies in its unpredictability, with over 20 features adding an element of surprise. Money Train 4 earns my highest rating with an enticing design and robust statistics. It marks a fitting conclusion to an exceptional series, leaving me eager for what comes next in the online slots world. 

Jump aboard for another thrilling train ride, and do not miss playing Money Train 4, one of the best slots that have come out in 2023!

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