Released: 20 Aug 2018

Vikings Go To Hell Slot

Vikings Go To Hell Slot Review

Go berserk for the mighty payout of more than x3000 times your bet on the Vikings Go To Hell Slot. The game lets you collect bonus points that improve your chances for cash wins. 

Vikings Go To Hell Slot Overview

When you are ready to engage in some berserk reel action involving smouldering giants, get on the Vikings Go To Hell slot made by the slots experts at Yggdrasil. This amazing online slot will take you to the Viking realm that is filled with uncanny energies that buzz around the paylines and conjure up winnings of over x3000 your winning wager. 

Beyond the magical undercurrents, the Vikings Go To Hell slot is a mighty online slot that delivers an exciting gameplay. Everything takes place on a masterfully designed reel-set that goes beyond the usual three rows and five reels. Instead, Vikings Go To Hell has four rows, five reels and an additional reel to the left that has the symbols of the game's heroes, for which the player gathers points in order to unleash bonus features.

The gameplay revolves around helping the Vikings win against the demon. When the Vikings Go To Hell slot protagonists fill up their rage points they will get free spins in which they go berserk and are certain to beat the demon, which means, their chances for landing a winning combinations are as strong as the steel on their sword. 

Vikings Go To Hell Slot Design

This online slots has one of the best design features you will ever see for awhile. The reel-set has been designed in a spectacular fashion and has rune symbols on the base and the side columns. The drawings inspire mythical reel action that involves brief animated sequences within the paying symbols. The head of Odin that is made of stone sits on top of the reels and shines an eerie glow from the eyes whenever a wild symbol comes in sight. 

The background gives the entire thing a mystical vibe, as if you and the Vikings Go To Hell slot are located in a parallel world which hides chance occurrences of hefty payouts. 

The game's symbols consist of low valued weapons symbols, which include double axes, a warhammer, a crossbow, and a sword. The high paying symbols include a viking ninja lady and three other heroes of which two seem to be twins who are overly dexterous with their weapons, as they pay 125 and 150 coins, respectively, when landing five matching symbols. 

When you set the reel action on autoplay you can still use the STOP button which is in place of the Play button in this instance. The Stop button quickens the gameplay and cuts the animations short. This comes useful for anyone who is eager to see what comes after the next spin. 

How to Play Vikings Go To Hell Slot

To set up this online slot for the exciting gameplay that it brings, you need to configure the bet first. The Vikings Go To Hell slot has 25 paylines that are active at all times. That means all you need to do is set the coin value. If you want to know how much you would be playing per spin, click on the Cash Bet/Coin Bet button to toggle the display between each. The coin value ranges from £0.004 per paying to £5.00, which in turn results in a tiny bet per spin of just ten pennies for the basic value and a hefty bet of £125.00 for the strongest coin value. 

Your balance is displayed on the right, next to the glowing tree which is the Yggdrasil company's logo. Next to the balance is the Win field which displays the latest win. If you want to quickly give this slot the Max Bet it deserves simply click on tap on that button, which is to the left of the centrally placed Play button. In the mood for some reel action while you kick it back? Then simply select the number of Autoplay spins from the button which is to the right of the Play button. 

How To Win Vikings Go To Hell Slot

Winning the game is purely a matter of chance. If you chance upon a strong winning combination that occurs at once, you'll be in for some neat prizes. Another possible outcome is to gain a number of payouts in a row, which is completely possible during the free spins game when the slot goes berserk anyway. Yet another potential outcome is to experience steady payouts, both big and small, that are spread out during your gameplay. 

When it comes to the top payout, it is a whopping x3000 times your winning bet. This is achieved on the strongest bet that the Vikings Go To Hell slots provides. Otherwise, you can always ancitipate the Vikings Go To Hell Free Spins mode which is one sure way to muster brawn and defeat the demon. 

Of course, the free spins come with the specialty symbol which is a disconcerting appearance of a horned demon. Three such symbols deliver seven free spins and five deliver 16. When you land two free spins symbols, the hero symbols will engage in a fight with the daemon - if they win, by chance, the battle will result in cash winnings. Victory is certain when the berserk meters have been filled to the brim. 

During the Vikings Go To Hell Free Spins mode, two of the Free Spins demon symbols will trigger a respin, during which all wild symbols become sticky on the reels. 

Vikings Go To Hell Free Spins Levels

There are several levels to this mode.

Besides the demon the game has a so called Lord of Chains thing, which is made of three bars. Every hit on the boss will remove one bars. The Lord of Chains is defeated when three bars are knocked, which returns a winning.

The second level concerns Lucifer, who is an animal of a different kind and more difficult to destroy, but pays better. Destroying one of the three bars will result in random wilds. 

Concluding Remarks 

The fun on the Vikings Go To Hell slot doesn't stop there. There are treasure chests that unveil good and epic rewards in free spins and cash to the tune of 1200 coins for the best outcome. 

Now go for the bonus package and claim it from any of our top level casinos - then spin for the win on the Vikings Go To Hell slot. 

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