One of the most exciting and most widely represented genre of slots belongs in the history department. Regardless if the theme has been his or her story, these slots take up a decent chunk of the whole, and rightfully so as the games can be very entertaining. Some such games have stood the test of time in that they have been around for more than a bunch of years. What makes history slots so appealing is the relation that most people can establish with a certain period of time or historic personality. So you will find slots machines, both online and land based, about the likes of the Carthaginian military commander Hannibal, the Treasure of Troy slots, Maximus the Roman gladiator, Spartacus the slave who revolted against the Republic, then there is that slot about Napoleon Bonaparte, and many other exciting and entertaining titles. 

Defining Characteristics of History Slots

This isn’t going to raise too many eyebrows, as it is perfectly expected that slots of a historic theme are almost always associated with a single historical figure or culture. Indeed there are some excellent slots that have been dedicated to an era, or a pivotal point in history, such as the famed 1429 Uncharted Seas Slot made by the slots experts at Thunderkick, however, the majority of these games center on one person. 

The defining characteristics found in the games in this category are related to the design of the reel set and of the symbols. Hence, depending on the civilization, you will find lots of columns, or pyramids or ancient stones carved with deities and animals. The Aztec and Maya slots abound in symbols such as calendar wheels, jaguars, thunderbirds and shaman priests. The slots of the Roman era most likely will feature an iconic structure, such as the Roman Colosseum besides the typical military accoutrements such as shields, helmets, sandals, chariots and so on. 

What is best about history slots are the bonus features, which will most likely put up a show filled with narratives that we may possibly relate to. This genre leaves the designers with so much room in which to implement their imagination and present the players with a fulfilling gaming experience. What is more, there are certain history themed slots that are known for their significant jackpots, so it is always smart to check out the games in this category and see which title may be next on your list of favorite games. 

Notable History Slots

Thus far we mentioned some titles, but it would be great if we put them into context. So check out the games from which you can claim a welcome bonus at their review page. 

1429 Uncharted Seas Slot

This game has one of the most coveted Return to Player theoretical outcomes in the world of online slots. It marks the period of sea voyage during which many new discoveries have been made that changed the course of history. Besides that, the game has a great bonus feature. Check out a place that may have the game and claim the welcome bonus there. 

Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome

This double reel-set game by Williams gaming has found itself on the floors of many land casinos. Spartacus is the hero of this story as he appears as a stacked symbol that provides the chance for the player to connect more than one winning combination on the reels. Besides the 100 paylines there is a Spartacus slots free spins bonus that gives the gameplay a thrilling edge. 

Centurion Slot

Another Roman theme that has been in the top 50 slots for few years and counting. The game has a standard reel set, a wild symbol and more than 3 bonus features in addition to the entertaining gameplay. Check out Centurion slots right here and claim a welcome bonus to play.

These and other history slots are available on SlotsWise. Discover the game that you like best and claim a welcome bonus from a number of excellent casinos. 


Written by Sanja Tasevska

Game Expert

Sanja uses her knowledge to review all kinds of slot games, both old and new. The detailed reviews include the most important info about a particular slot game. She’s been a part of this industry for many years and so far she’s played and given her opinion on thousands of different slot titles. Contact Sanja

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