One of the most exciting genres in the world of slots is that which captures the myth and love of the great ancient civilizations. Mythology slots abound at online and land-based casinos and nobody should be surprised. This topicleavesso much room to the imagination that the companies and production studios can turn up a mythology-themed slot every day for the rest of time. Well, let’s not do that literally, but you get the idea. Mythology slots are popular because they will never bore you. The premise of each and every slot includes magic, and that in turn invites imagination on the part of the designers, in creating engaging and thrilling content on the reel-set. What is more, there are a number of mythology slots that have become very popular for offering excellent gameplay and either a progressive or in-game jackpot prize that has been won by a number of players - case in point - the Divine Fortune slot by NetEnt. 

So let’s take stock of all the crucial elements that make these slots well-received and oft-played in the world of online slots. 

Mythology Slots Main Features

Some of the defining moments found in nearly all slots belonging to this genre are the following. There is magic, lots of magic. Even in the more dated slotgamesyou will get a sense of the idea that magic, spells, books of magic, magicwants, magic hats and the such are found on the reels or as a bonus feature. Then there are the mythological creatures. The slot game can be dedicated to Norse or Egyptian or Aztec or Hellenic mythology, but at any rate, it will always contain some of the creatures that are found in the ancient myths. So even if you have a superficial knowledge or interest in this subject, you will recognize the likes of Anubis, Zeus, the Medusa, Thor and so on. 

For the archaeology buffs out there, mythology slots abound in artifacts and the architecture that had made the civilizations on which the slot games are based. In these games you will columns, pyramids, the vaultsandtunnels that are inside the pyramids, initiation altars, dark forests and so much more, wrapped inside the imagination of the designers and landed on the reel-set so as to provide the best gaming experience, in all honesty, compared to other slots genres. So let’s take a look at some of the most remarkable mythology slots titles.

Most Famous Mythology Slots at SlotsWise

If you want to takeup ona jackpot challenge that takes place in a mythology setting, then the Divine Fortune slot is the game for you. To get closer to the jackpot, land three or more coins and head to the second screen at which you can win a huge sum by having the grid fill up with golden coins. 

Then there is Thunderstruck I and Thunderstruck II slots, which are based on Norse mythology. You will see a lot of Odin, Loki, Thor and other gods, which are part of the bonus feature, which is a progressive type of bonus game. The slot has excellent graphics anda veryentertaining gameplay that has to be experienced to be believed. 

Zeus God Of Thunder is the Hellenic mythology representative which is but one of the slots based on the prime god who resides onmountOlympus. Zeus God of Thunder slot includesa veryinnovative gameplay and not one but few bonus features, with the prizes to match. 

Check out these among dozens among the mythology slots at SlotsWise. Claim your welcome bonus to get started on your adventure right away. 



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