NetEnt is one of the leading providers of premium gaming solutions and pioneer in introducing highly entertaining games powered by the company’s cutting-edge platform. NetEnt Blackjack 3 Hands is only one of the many examples.

Blackjack 3 Hands Overview

This ‘flash casino’ Blackjack table game is powered by the latest HTML5 technology allowing players to place bets on up to three hands per game round. It follows the ‘classic’ Blackjack rules and game play, plus some nice features.

How To Play Blackjack 3 Hands

NetEnt Blackjack 3 Hands is played with six decks of 52 cards. As the name suggests, players can bet on one, two or three hands at the same time per game round.

2 up to 10 numbered cards are worth their respective face values, Ace is 1 or 11 and King, Queen and Jack are worth 10 points.

After being dealt two initial cards the player can choose to ‘hit’, which means to get extra cards dealt in order to reach 21 points. If you think that by getting more cards you’ll exceed 21, you can choose to ‘stand’ or ‘hold’ the hand and wait for the dealer to play his hand. There’s also the ‘double’ option, meaning to double the initial bet made on a hand.

If you have ‘hit’ more than a total of 21 points, the hand is “bust” and the game is lost. If the dealer buys more than 21 points, his hand is bust as well.

It can happen that the value of the hands of the dealer and the player are equal. It’s called a ‘Push’ and the player gets to keep the bet.

How To Win NetEnt Blackjack 3 Hands

The goal of the game is to have more points in the hand than the dealer has without exceeding 21 points.

The best outcome you should hope for is a Blackjack hand - an Ace and a 10 points valued card, dealt as the initial two cards. This hand wins over 21 points.

Blackjack 3 Hands Special Game Features


If the first two cards are identical, the player can ‘Split’ and get additional two cards to form new hands and play both with the initial bet.


Upon receiving the two first cards after placing an initial bet, the player can decide to double this bet, receiving one extra card. This, however, will leave the hand either ‘bust’ or on ‘stand’.


If the first visible card the dealer deals himself is an Ace, the player is given the option to put an ‘insurance’ on his hand(s) at the cost of 50% of the initial bet. The player wins if the dealer has Blackjack; if not, only the Insurance bet is lost.

Even Money

When the player has Blackjack and the dealer’s first (visible) card is an Ace, the player can opt to be paid ‘Even Money’ which means he automatically wins his bet double back.


If you like Blackjack, you’ll love the thrill of this three-hand variation.

Give it a try and test the 99.59% RTP!