Emojiplanet is the perfect game for everyone that is in love with bonuses.

Key Features

Reels: 0

Min Bet: 0.20

Max Payout: 10000.00

Paylines: 0

Max Bet: 200.00

Bonus Rounds: 0

Emoji Planet Slots Review

Pop some emojis in a cluster and play for a chance to win 10,000 times the winning bet. This NetEnt game is unlike any of their previous releases. Enjoy the six by six grid and have fun with the welcome bonus that you can claim from this page. 

Emoji Planet Slots Overview

Here is an oddball coming from NetEnt's production studio - an online slot, of sorts, styled around the emoticons that we may or may not be relying too much on in our chats. This is a six by six grid filled with symbols that are all too familiar from the online chat programs such as Facebook Messenger, some of the Viber stickers, WhatsApp for mobile and PC and so on. 

The point in this game is to connect emoticons, and that can be done horizontally, vertically and in a cluster. This is done in style with the Star for the Wild symbol, the bomb that explodes a cluster of symbols and few other 'kickers'. The effect is a series of 'explosions' of emojis, hence, the name Emoji Planet slot is a very fitting name for the game, as we would all love to experience a Supernova occurring on the grid. 

How To Play Emoji Planet

This is a NetEnt game and one that stands out from the rest that adhere to the five reels and three rows norm, but it is still a clean-cut game with two simple settings controls: the Level and the Coin Value fields. 

The Coin Value sets the first parameter that gives the bet per spin and the betting range starts at £0.01 and goes up to £1.00. The Bet Level field is used to extrapolate the selected coin value across up to ten levels, which raises the total bet per spin.

The biggest amount that you can play is £200 per spin on a coin value of £1.00 and a ten for the Bet Level value. The smallest cost of the wager is with a single penny on the first level, and that puts up a bet of £0.20 on the Emoji Planet slot.

Playing the game doesn't require knowing the symbols, but it helps to know just for fun what actions do some of the symbols cause. The Emoji Meters to the right of the grid show the progress of the game. Whenever there are 12 gauges filled on the meter, the same emoji will become active when there aren't any more successive winning explosions. This tells you which emoji is ripe for triggering an additional winning combination, which may help you secure bigger winnings. 

Emoji Planet Design

The slots experts at NetEnt have created a full-on gaming experience from a type of online slot that is very rare. The entire surface where the game unfolds is part of the action, as everything is animated. In the background there are twin girls dressed like Santa's elves, or something that resembles that, and both are dancing on a cloud. Below and to the front of the clouds is a bubble that has a raging emoji in it - the ubiquitous smiley face, but in different moods - dazzled, grinning, laughing, sleepy and so on. Sadly, this graphic candy doesn't have any relevance to the gameplay, although it would have been absolutely terrific if it did. 

To the right of the reel set are a number of symbols, a rainbow, and again, some clouds. This side is also animated, and there are, quite amusingly, two cameos by conquistador Gonzo from Gonzo's Quest, and the pig from the When Pigs Fly slots. Some of the Emoji Planet slots symbols are also in this part of the screen, but they have relevance to the gameplay in that they stand as the emoji meters which trigger some explosions in the gameplay.

Emoji Planet Bonus Features

There are several symbols that generate special features on the Emoji Planet slot. The bomb feature activates the clustering of eight random symbols and destroys them. The end result is a coin win between 5 and 100 times the bet level, for each destroyed symbol. 

The Pizza Feature activates a cover that envelops a 3x3 area on the grid and creates a random symbol that fills that area, causing a winning combination. Then there is the Kiss Mark Feature which causes three sticky wild symbols to appear at random and stay on the grid in order to link up with adjacent symbols.

The Rocket Feature causes a real rocket to materialize on the grid by consuming ten symbols which are turned into the Wild, which guarantees a winning combination. And last but not least, the Two Hearts Feature the winnings are multiplied by the number that is shown on the meter, plus one. 

How To Win Emoji Planet

Winning the game is a matter of luck but the symbols work some magic when luck is abundant. The game has some really high paying symbols, when you manage to explore a greater number. For example, the game's jackpot comes with the crying-laughing emoji being popped 30 times. The cash prize for that is 10,000. The next best symbol is the alien, paying 5000 for 30x. But if you go to the paytable and view the grid of payments, you will see that even if you manage to land a smaller number of these symbols, you may still end up with 1000, 2000 and 3000 multiplied by the winning bet. 


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