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Dolphin Quest Slot

Dolphin Quest Slot Online

Play the Dolphin Quest slot to enter an underwater adventure filled with lucrative marine animal prizes. The top payout can reach up to 300,000 times the winning coin size, but there is also a bonus feature and a scatter symbol. 

Dolphin Quest Overview

Explore the depths of the sea on this aquatic adventure involving dolphins, octopuses, puff fish and various forms of marine life in the Dolphin Quest slot. Indeed, this is a world least explored and we are dying to see what turns up from underneath the coral. It may be a cluster of those Scatter Bonus symbols or it could be a wallop of coins that we are going to gleefully pull up on the deck. 

Indeed there are dozens of sea/aquatic themed online and land casino slots out there, but that doesn't mean that you should jettison Dolphin Quest slot right away. Not only should you not do that, but quite on the contrary, you should play Dolphin Quest because the game has a top payout prize of up to 300,000 coins, which are multiplied by the coin size. 

What is more, the game has 50 paylines that are always active, so you will never miss a winning outcome on the reel set, which itself invites lots of potentially fun time with fire reels and four rows. 

How To Play Dolphin Quest Slot

The game has five reels, four rows and 50 paylines, all of which can be selected as active on the reels at all times. That means, there is no need to get hung up on a specific number, because you can always change that number. The most preferred approach by players is to play with all lines to the max, so that they capture any winning string of symbols. To start setting up the Bet you need to click on the centrally-placed button that appears to be a half of a sea-shell. 

This will pull up a little menu where you will find the Coin Size, the Coins (levels) and the paylines. The lines can be brought down to a single one and you can play with pennies, or precisely, one penny. You can take that way, or you can fiddle with the settings in order to arrive at a bet which is comfortable and reflects your balance. 

Thus the smallest bet is just one penny and the maximum bet comes with a price of £500.00 per spin which comes by way of two coin sizes, five coin levels and sll 50 lines. As you can probably imagine, this is an extreme, and most players will never ever spend 500 per spin, but if you are ever inclined to doing just that, make sure that you have just previous won the game's top cash prize. 

Dolphin Quest Slot Design

The slot design is one of the most prominent feature about the game. We haven't found too many games to successfully capture the wealth of underwater life like Dolphin Quest does. Simply said, there is a lot going on between the coral and the sea bottom. Not surprisingly, the seas have always hidden the wrecks of glorious ships and galleys, carrying all sorts of treasures, rarities and oddities. 

Now we have a slot game that delivers a huge cash payout of 300,000 coins multiplied by the coin size. The symbols that can go about doing that, whenever they line up on a winning line in three or more instances, are: a school of fish, a crustacean, a pair of seahorses, a puffer fish, a single dolphin and a pair of dolphins, a very curiously-appearing fish, a manta ray, an octopus and an ancient tortoise. 

There are two dolphin symbols - one is alot and the other symbol represents a couple of these underwater-living mammals. There are specialty symbols too such as the Dolphin Quest slot bonus feature, the Dolphin Quest wild and the scatter. 

How To Win Dolphin Quest Slot

Winning the game is always a matter of luck because no slot game is ever able to deliver predictable outcomes. When you are playing a slot game, all of the outcomes are in the hands of Lady Luck, so rest assured, you will have fun as long you set no expectations. 

Now there are few details here and there that can help the players win some interesting amounts. Why of course, that is achievable with on the higher end of the wagers, which this game offers, but could you possibly gain sums of coins that are available even with a smaller wager. The top symbol payouts attest to that, as you can win 8 for five of the dolphins, 50 for five Dolphin Quest slot logo as the Wild, and so on. 

To embark on your Dolphin Quest adventure you can start right here by claiming welcome bonus at one of the casinos on the list. 

Key Features
  • ProviderMicrogaming Group
  • Reels5
  • Min Bet0.01
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • Paylines50
  • Max Bet125.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceTBC
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