Released: 8 May 2019

Discover what may unfold on a super-entertaining game with a double reel-set and many surprising reel-modifiers and a free spins bonus. Land the right symbols for a chance to have the outcome boosted by the wilds, made possible by the foxin cubs. This five by three game by NextGen has 25 paylines for each of the reel-sets, two wild symbols and a free spins bonus feature that can turn up as many as 100 free spins. 

Foxin Twins Slot

Foxin Twins Slot Review

Play the Foxin Twins slot, one of the sequels to the legendary NextGen game. The twin reel-set and the bonus features make this an exciting adventure on the reels. 

Foxin Twins Overview

Foxin Wins is a famed online slot by NextGen that has its own series. Since it has been released in few different editions thus far, why not bring on another one. This time around, our game is called Foxin Twins instead of Foxin Wins. It isn't that the winnings are left out. By no means, they aren't. The Twins then, stands for the double reel-set that the game offers to all players. That's right, with each push on the Play button, the Foxin Twins slot will unleash potential winning combinations on two reel-sets, each one spinning independently of the other, however, both of these deliver the winnings when they occur on both. 

The game has a standard reel-set of three rows and five reels with 50 paylines in total, that is, 25 for each of the reel-sets. If this sounds exciting already wait until you try the bonus features. As the game unfolds there are awesome reel modifiers, boosters and a free spins bonus. What is more, the players can crank up a setting in the base game to give a good boost on the bet by making it more expensive but also more powerful in the return of the potential winnings. 

How to Play Foxin Twins Slot

Setting up the gameplay takes just few clicks. All that needs be done on the game is to decide on the bet per spin. This is never a final decision as the players are welcome to change their bet amount whenever they wish. To select the bet simply use the coin stack symbols which are located on the wheen that inscribes the Play button. This little controls board is located in the bottom right corner of the page. 

The Foxin Twin slots offers a range of bets that are able to fit almost any budget. We shouldn't say that the starting bets are low, because these aren't £0.01 or £0.10 per spin, but £0.25. That makes a quarter of a pound, but then on the other hand, the game does have the ability to deliver some significant wins. The game's biggest bet amount is £25.00. This makes Foxin Twins slot a quite down-to-earth game that can be played as a high-stakes game in its own right, and still not burn anyone's bank - if anyone were to bet £25 per spin.

However, please mind that this amount is given by having the Super Bet gauge cranked to the second power, meaning, the highest possible number for the multiplier can reach as much as x20 on the winnings. 

How to Win Foxin Twins Slot

How does one not win on Foxin Twins? One has to go a long time without any wins, but in our experience, which is totally embedded in the subjective realities of the slots experts in our team, there haven't been any long droughts on this game. The game is able to sustain your gameplay, but gaining a big win that would have you counting first and considering how to have your next bet, is an occasional event. Lucky players get to witness one or more of these during the gameplay, but in the end it all depends on the individual's streak of luck for the day. 

The game's most valuable symbols are both of the wilds. Indeed, Foxin Wins has not one but two wilds - both have the fox but on a diferent background, and both pay 500x on the line bet when five symbols appear on the grid. From the standard symbols the mounted fox pays 250c and the private jet pays 100x on the line bet. There are two other symbols that belong to the high-yield category, while the the rest of the symbols are the high cards starting with the nine and ending with the ace. 

Foxin Twins Bonus Features

The game is able to deliver more free spins than most online slots out there. Just land ten scatters and get 100 free spins. This works on both reel-sets. The least number of free spins is granted on three scatters, which are, three gold bar symbols. The Foxin Twins free spins pay left to right on the leftmost reel-set and right to left on the right hand side. Five of a kind wins pay both ways on each payline. That being said, the winnings could be potentially huge. 

Foxin Twins RTP

Good games have it all: awesome graphics, excellent win potentials, bonus features and of course, an above average Return to Player theoretical outcome. Here we have it all, including the Foxin Twins RTP of 96.75%, which is above average and even close to high average. 

Our Foxin Twins Review

Get a load of the double reels and those little foxin rascals that nose about from above the reels and come down turning regular symbols into wilds. That’s what it’s all about in this game - random, sudden jolts that give a boost to the chances for a big win.

To play Foxin Twins slot start right here by claiming a welcome bonus to one of the casinos on this page. 

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