Charm the snake and he may make you very rich

The Snake Charmer demo

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The Snake Charmer Slot Online


Play to charm the snake, or to capture the cash prize that is inside its basket of 5000 coins times the winning wager. The Snake Charmer slot can do a lot more, with its expanding wild symbols and the 10 free spins in the bonus feature. 

Snake Charmer Slot Overview

Charming snakes has been a sport in India since ancient times. What is there not to like? There is danger involved, concentration, skill in playing thezurlainstrument and a knack for making all that a spectacular display so that onlookers throw in some coins inside one of the woven baskets. 

The slots professionals at the Nextgen gaming company have made the equivalent of asnake charmingexperience distilled into an online slot. The Snake Charmer slot is everything that snake charming is: there is risk involved and the opportunity to mesmerize the reels and win some money with you impeccable playing of the Spin instrument. 

Before you head straight to the plateau of Taj Mahal and observe some snake charming virtuosos, take heed from the snake charmers and slots experts at SlotsWise about how to play the game, how you can possibly win it and other fine detailing about this sport. 

How To Play Snake Charmer Slot

It being a Nextgen online slot, you will have a pleasurable time on the reels, whether on your personal computer or mobile device. To set up for the gameplay you have several controls to figure out, all a piece of cake and justfewclicks or taps with your finger. 

Beneath thereel-setyou will find the Lines field, which lets you determine the number ofpaylinesthat you wish to have active during the play. The other setting is the BET, which is the coin size in other slots games. In that regard, the Snake Charmer slot has a nice betting range that startswith witha penny and goes up to £4.

The combination of the values for the Lines and Bet will give the total bet per spin. No need to do any maths here, because the game will display the specific amount below, in the Total Bet field, which is next to the Balance.

The highest wager that youcabplay per spin is £100,00 and that is on all 25 lines, while the smallest bet is just a penny and that goes for one penny for the bet and onepaylinefor the spin. Of course, you can select any amounts in-between the two extreme and find your comfortable saddle to ride out your Snake Charmer slots adventure. 

Snake Charmer Design

And we've come to one of our favorite parts about any (hm, let's say 'most') slots games - the game design. For years we've trusted Nextgen in bringing about a solid gaming experience with most of their slots. This is true for the Nextgen Snake Charmer. Here you will find all the imagery that revolves around the theme. The background features Taj Mahal, and on the slot's lettering above the reel set there is a man in a turban, dozing off calmly to the tune of the snake charming instrument. 

As for the symbols, we are looking at some fine prizes with those of high value. The dancing young lady brings 1500 coins for landing five instances of her symbol. The famed Indian elephant is worth 750 for five and the baskets with the instrument are worth 400. The rest of the symbols are the cards numbers and letters, starting with nine and endingwoiththe ace. 

Besides these, there are the specialty symbols represented by the snake for the Wild and the snake charmer for the Scatter. 

How To Win Snake Charmer Slots

Now the first favorite part of the game, besides the prime thing of the overall gaming experience: winning the game - how to go about it - is there a way? Here's the thing about slots that everyone should know: you can be the big winner, but only if you are lucky! These are games of chance which don't involve any skill to be played, like, for example, poker. 

That being said, whenever you are feeling lucky, or not, you may chanceuppona random occurrence of a winning combination out of a string of millions of number sequences that are generated by the random numbers generator. 

Stillyet, there are some fine paying symbols and bonus features.

The game's most prized find is the snake, which brings in a wallop of 5000 coins times the winning bet. this is the wild symbol and it substitutesfroany except the snake charmer. 

Then there is the bonus feature. Land three or more scatter symbols and you will win ten free spins. That's neat, because during the Snake Charmer free play you may get a random expanding wild symbol which will consume the entire reel and link up with the symbols on the other reels. 

To play this and other Nextgen slots select your welcome bonus from this page and head on to fulfill your adventure. 

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The Snake Charmer free play
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The Snake Charmer slot
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