Ever wanted to see two of the world’s most powerful leaders go head to head and it not result in a deadly Nuclear Armageddon? Yeah me too. Well, good news! You won’t need to look any further than the hilarious Rocket Men slots game.

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Rocket Men Slots Online

Ever wanted to see two of the world’s most powerful leaders go head to head and it not result in a deadly Nuclear Armageddon? Yeah me too. Well, good news! You won’t need to look any further than the hilarious Rocket Men slots game.


Rocket Men Overview


Rocket Men has got to be the most entertaining game ever to be released by Red Tiger Gaming, donning two of the planet’s most notorious figureheads. Yep, you guessed it: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un! Despite the unmistakably controversial theme, Red Tiger Gaming have managed to create an undeniably fun and engaging slots game that will be sure to have players returning time and time again.


The game is simple and, of course, gallons of fun. Play to win exciting bonuses and a huge jackpot prize by helping out the President of the United States and the supreme leader of North Korea in their favourite pastimes: hitting golf balls and launching missiles!


Players can unlock a range of impressive features when either of the two leaders hit their targets. With an undoubtedly dubious and sensitive matter in hand, Red Tiger’s design team have excelled in making this slots game lighthearted, cheeky and upbeat.


The five reels are littered with hilarious targets. To name a but a few: there’s a woman’s voluptuous bum with ‘I (heart) Don’ tattooed on her cheek! Plus, Kim’s favourite bath time toy: his military rubber ducky. Plus, the top paying symbol (unsurprisingly, a bomb) can get you up to $500 coins per payline!


Aside from its hilarious satirical theme, the game works just like any other. With its five lively reels and a massive total of 20 paylines, players are in with a sky rocketing shot of smashing the winning jackpot, as well as gaining tonnes of bonus features! And as ever, Red Tiger’s Rocket Men has a maximum jackpot win of a whopping 1000 times your initial stake per spin!


How To Play


How can this game possibly be as fun as its hilarious graphics? I hear you ask. Well, I can assure you won’t be disappointed! When the game opens, you’ll see Trump and Kim camped on seperate sides of the reels. As you spin, there’ll be spectacular chaos as the two world leaders fire massive nuclear missiles and military fighter jets at each other, like two little boys playing soldiers. We can tell your getting excited already!


Well good news, the game is as fun as it is simple. To get your hands on some serious cash, simply match the hilarious cartoon symbols in rows. There are five reels, three rows and a respectable 20 fixed paylines, meaning there’s no way to reduce your winnings! Who ever knew the nuclear armageddon was going to be so good? Truthfully, 20 paylines is A-OK as you can easily keep an eye on your potential winnings. So, no more losing track of what you can win, like you used to on games with a gazillion paylines, eh!


Even if your not fussed about ‘making it rain’, that’s all good because you can play with just as little as 0.20p! Or, if you’re in it to win it and are more into the high roller style of gaming - you can play with a whopping £500 each spin! So, unlike Trump’s policies may suggest - everyone is welcome! It’s also super easy to determine the size of your bet. Just click on the drop down menu and all your options will appear. And if it’s not already easy enough, the autopay feature will enable you to play with up to a huge 100 successive spins! There’s even an option that hints at when when the reels should be stopped! Nuclear Armageddon’s not sounding so bad, after all!


So, down to the nitty gritty - what about the all important jackpot? Well, the most valuable symbol is - shock horror - a bomb, titled a ‘Wild’. These puppies can get you as much as 500 coins per payline! All in all, the game has nine hilarious symbols, which just keep on giving. These, along with the incredible jackpot wins, where you can revel in 1000 times your initial stake per spin, put this game skyrockets above the rest!


How To Win


Ok, this is all sounding pretty fantastic. But how do I actually win? Well unsurprisingly, your winning payouts will depend on which symbols you land on and of course how many. The rockets, belonging to Trump and Kim, pop up as images of the bomb, aka: Wild symbol. This immediately boosts your chances of scoring payline matches. Plus, these landing rockets, Wilds, are of course the most valuable symbol. They award40, 240, or 500 credits on 3, 4, or 5 Wilds as winning combinations.


When you get through to the bonus round, the rocket separates. Blue Rocket for Don’s Wild and Red for Kim’s. With each bonus spin, one of the rockets will move to the next reel, with the aim of reaching the Enemy target. All you have to do is keep spinning to try and get the Wilds to the enemy’s side!


Bonus Features


The thing that puts Rocket Men head and shoulders above the rest, aside from its hilarious subject matter and graphics, is the crazy amount of bonus features the game has to offer.


Take a look at these:


Don’s Driving Range


We all know the president loves his golf. So, when Don’s scatter symbol lands on the first reel, it triggers a mini bonus game. Here, Don takes a break from all his oval office duties and drives his golf balls at the targets on the reels. Once he hits, more symbols come falling from above to create more wins. Trump’s golf even takes 4 or so rounds, so there’s loads of chance to snatch up those all important Wilds.


Kim’s Little Game


Hilariously condescending, this bonus feature is triggered when the Kim Scatter symbol pops up on the fifth reel. The supreme leader of North Korea will then test out his favourite toys - sorry, rockets - by shooting them into the reels. This feature will usually bag you up to 5 Wilds.


Kim Vs Don Bonus Game


Yep, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. When the President’s scatter arrives on reel 1 and Kim’s on 5, the two go head to head. There are three possible outcomes: If Don is victorious, it’s a party in The White House and you win cash prizes! If Kim is wins, it’s bad news as he nukes the entire country, along with your cash prizes. Or, in the event of tie - the Nuclear spins reign.


The Nuclear Spins


This bonus feature happens when there is no winner between Kim and Don in their battle and lands you with unlimited free spins! Now, Don and Kim have three lives. They both fire their toys - I mean, rockets - from their sides, getting slowly closer to the enemy by sending walking Wilds to their opposite sides. If these Wilds collide, they explode along with your cash! But, if they manage to miss each other and get to the other side, that world leader has lost and you win!


What We Think


Ultimately, there is endless fun to be had on the Rocket Men slots game. Red Tiger Gaming have excelled themselves and players are sure to have blast after blast playing along.


So what are you waiting for? Play and discover which world leader really is the Don!

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