It always feels great when you go out in the wild where you can be as free as a bird enjoying your time in nature. There are plenty of online slots out there featuring some cute pet like a cat or a puppy, but what’s with all the wildlife animals that for a big part of the animal kingdom? Luckily, this is where wild slots come into play because they have been designed following the wildlife theme.

There are online wild slots featuring almost every wildlife animal you could imagine. You can find all kinds of animal habitats on the screen. Want to take a run with a cheetah or enjoy a mud bath with a herd of elephants? You don’t need to pay expensive plane tickets and hire a guide that will take you on such safari. You can see all this right on your screen because there is probably a wild slot out there that features these animals on its reels. All you need to do is just find it online.

Moreover, you could win money playing on wild-themed slots to go on a real trip to all the places that you see on your screen!

Wild-Themed Online Slots

As we have mentioned in the section above, the choice of wild-themed online slots is wider than you have probably imagined. There is probably at least one wild-themed online slot devoted to every kind of animals you could think of. You can find slots devoted to ferocious animals like tigers, lions and panthers, dangerous venomous snakes, different small insects and unusual deep-sea fishes.

All these wildlife-themed games have a different design and main game features, but they all have animal symbols on their reels usually combined with natural elements typical for the habitat of the respective animal. Thus, you can find a background representation of some rainforest, desert dunes, waterfalls and even an ocean bottom.

Play Free Wild Slots Online

Many online video slots have a free play or demo version along with the real-money version of the game and wild slots are no exception. If you find wildlife-themed online slots that tickle your fancy, there are good chances that it has a free play version as well. Try to find this free play version before depositing your money on the spins of the slot because the benefits of playing the free play version are more than great.

By spinning the reel set of the free play version of any online video slot, you become acquainted with its gameplay and you see whether it is interesting enough for you or not. All spins on free play slots are, you’ve guessed it, free and you don’t make any deposits to play. This gives you a nice chance to experience every feature of the game. Thus, you can see how its bonus rounds are triggered, what mini-games are on offer and what prizes you could possibly win.

The free plays are almost identical to the original real-money versions of the slot. We say almost because they differ only in one element. This element is the banking feature which is not available in free play. So, if you land a huge winning, you will not be able to bank it.

Most of the online casinos featured at Slotswise feature wild slots in their game sections. Claim your welcome bonus today and spin for the chance to win real money!


Written by Sanja Tasevska

Game Expert

Sanja uses her knowledge to review all kinds of slot games, both old and new. The detailed reviews include the most important info about a particular slot game. She’s been a part of this industry for many years and so far she’s played and given her opinion on thousands of different slot titles. Contact Sanja

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