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300 Shields Slots REVIEW

What We Say - Greek mythology has often proven a popular choice for slots, but a slew of Hollywood films based on the militaristic Greek state of Sparta have pulled us closer to the present day - well, assuming you consider the 5th century BC to be a move towards modernity. Ironically, the game is itself rather spartan in terms of features - although the single notable feature is itself something of a biggie. The Free Spins Bonus Game is potentially this game's mighty triumph. You're kicked off with a relatively modest five free spins and a 2x multiplier, but both of these can be lifted every time you score a new Shield Scatter. The multiplier is particularly mouth-watering, since this can be pushed up to an astounding 300x. Win and you'll likely win big on this game. The downside is that, for the rest of the time, there isn't really an awful lot going on. The graphics are reasonably eye-catching, but this game is really about sticking out the long dull periods in order to have a shot at that monster payout. If that sounds like your kind of slot, 300 Shields is a strong all.


What Nextgen Say - Prepare for battle with this Sparta-themed fight to the death. Skirt the Scatter symbols, Wilds and bonus rounds to bring off victory, and raise your Shield Count during the fantastic Free Spins feature. The multiplier goes up to an astounding 300x for eternal glory.


How to Win - Three Shield Scatters activate Free Spins Bonus Game, which starts you off with five free spins and a 2x multiplier, and increases these if you discover more Shield Scatters. The multiplier goes up to 300x.















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